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Djembe Communications Seeks to Build on Last Year’s Achievements

With the new year upon us, Djembe’s drummers are looking forward to start 2018 with all the vigor and creativity they are known for. There is good reason for excitement. The coming year promises to be yet another watershed in the PR industry’s drive to capitalise on the emerging trends shaping twenty first century communications.

New perceptions on the role of influencers as well as the convergence of skills, technology and workflow between the media and public relations sectors are only some of the developments that promise to shake things up in 2018. However, Djembe drummers are not just able to draw energy from future opportunities, but also from the many accomplishments achieved in the past that have helped expand and solidify our company’s position on the African market and beyond. Let us take a look back at the past year and map out some of the special events that have helped position Djembe Communications so strongly for 2018.

Strategic expansion and widening of expertise
The spring of 2017 saw Djembe bolster its strategic foothold in the West African region by establishing a partnership with, and later acquiring leading Ghanaian PR and event management agency, The One Event (TOE). Aside from establishing a new office in Accra, this move brought in experts on consumer PR and event management. The acquisition of TOE, part of a larger Djembe strategy to expand its capabilities for current and future clients as well as to continue to establish offices in new markets, was subsequently followed up by the establishment of a permanent London office and the naming of TOE’s Managing Director, Paschorina Mortty, as UK Country Manager.

Business successes and accolades
No agency can call itself a leader in its field without proven successes. The past year saw Djembe confirm its value by executing two world class events. In July we organised the launch of Honoris United Universities, Africa’s Ivy League equivalent, which aims to connect African universities and provide the continent’s students with valuable academic and vocational opportunities. Later that same month, Djembe’s drummers executed the sixth edition of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) in Ghana, one of the continent’s major innovation competitions which has generated over 30 million dollars of investment for African inventors over the past years.

The combined expertise of our consultants in areas ranging from digital communications and design to event management and media relations helped make these events memorable not only to participants, but also to major media outlets across the world. Long-term work of Djembe’s regional offices was rewarded by the securing of new clients and a number of awards. Aside from winning accolades that confirmed our position as the number one PR agency in Angola and as one of the top communications consultancy choices in the African market, we were especially proud that our very own Mitchell Prather, Vice Chairman, was named PR Professional of the Year at the 2017 African Excellence Awards.

Establishing key partnerships and helping local communities
The past year has seen Djembe Communications partner up with conferences and organisations that are important to Africa’s continued growth and sustainable future. In the areas of energy independence and infrastructure development we established partnerships with Africa’s largest annual gathering of government officials and energy sector businesses, the Africa Energy Forum, as well as with its smaller but increasingly important brother, the Africa Renewable Energy Forum.

On a regional level, our company has partnered with the Swiss-African Business Circle, which promotes the establishment of networks between Swiss and African companies. Going beyond Africa, Djembe partnered with both private and public sector organisations, supporting this year’s BSR17 conference, as well as attending UNESCO’s IPDC talks in Paris. Finally, in the sphere of our own community work, Djembe teamed up with University of California, Berkeley’s “Big Ideas” innovation competition. This allows us to provide our consultancy’s communications capabilities and expertise in various African regions pro-bono to select graduate startups, which have come up with cheap alternatives to expensive medical screening techniques, and help them get their product to medical facilities across the continent.

Plans for 2018
Djembe will continue to offer non-traditional communications solutions that meet client needs in the digital age. This will include a focus on growing our monitoring, evaluation and research capabilities in order to keep abreast of the constantly shifting digital landscape. At the same time we intend to continue our strong focus on developing our services across key markets in Africa as well as Europe and North America. All these steps are aimed to help us in our ultimate aim to deliver above and beyond client expectations.

By Djembe Communications