We are reputation managers offering world-class strategic communications counsel

We are reputation managers offering world-class

strategic communications counsel


Having worked extensively with private, government and public sector organizations in Africa, we have gathered significant insight and understanding of the African markets. This intellectual equity enables us to advise our clients on how to build a deeply granular reputation and communications strategy.

The intellectual property that we have amassed also helps us to build an accurate picture of how the African story is unfolding: from the challenges faced by African entrepreneurs to the complex relationships between citizen, government and multinational organizations.

Our research capabilities and our track record of drilling deep down, right across the continent, enable us to keep our stakeholders informed on key trends unfolding in Africa. This also means that as an African-born, international consultancy, Djembe Communications has the ability to deliver precision in the research output that produces. This capability means that we can serve our client’s best interests – and play a part in the story of Africa as it continues to evolve.