Eliane Ngandu

Eliane Ngandu

Hometown: I was born in Luanda.

Education: I am in my 3rd year of studying Human Resource Management at Lusíada University of Angola.

Role at Djembe Communications: Account Executive.

Specialties: Human Resources will be my academic specialty and at Djembe I am gaining first-hand experience of the PR industry.

Experience: I was a tutor for Portuguese, Mathematics, Statistics (I and II), Psychology and piano (basic).

Dream job: Teacher or Chemical Engineer.

Best Way to unwind from PR: I particularly like to read the Bible, listen to music, enjoy great food, be with family and friends and see new places.

Memorable PR home run: The chance to learn something new, as I am at Djembe, is always a win for me.

Favorite City for business travel: New York.

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.

Social media of choice: WhatsApp.

Window or aisle: Window!