Emanuela Martins Cassamba

Emanuela Martins Cassamba

Hometown: Luanda, Angola.

Education: Degree in Communication Sciences from the Independent University of Angola.

Role at Djembe Communications: Marketing Assistant.

Specialties: Institutional / Business Communication.

Experience: Four years of Journalism, performing the functions of Reporter, Announcer and Radio Producer.

I’m passionate about PR because: It gives professionals the opportunity to promote the company brand, establish meaningful cooperation, which brings benefits to the Company, and strengthens communication between the parties involved.

Dream Job: Be a TV presenter.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: Read, listen to music, travel and be with people I love.

Memorable PR Homerun: When I realized that there is no success without sacrifices.

Favorite City for Business Travel: Singapore.

Twitter or Facebook:

Social Media of Choice: Whatsapp.

Window or Aisle: Neither corridor nor window, I prefer the door to enter for sure.