Ghassan Benchiheb


Hometown: Asilah, Morocco.

Education: Bachelor degree in Network and Telecommunication at University Mohamed V Morocco.

Role at Djembe Communications: Account Manager.

Specialties: Mastery of editorial techniques related to web journalism, events and digital communication.

Experience: I acquired my professional experience by working as a radio presenter at the National Society of Moroccan Radio and Television. I was also responsible for video productions at, Community Manager of Medi1 TV, Festival Mawazine and the PJD Morocco party.

I’m passionate about PR because: PR enters every sector of industry and it is the backbone of any organization’s success in today’s ever growing digital world.

Dream Job: Head of government.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: I enjoy travelling and discovering the less visited regions of Morocco in the company of a good book and an excellent playlist.

Memorable PR Homerun: Winning the second place for “Best Web Personality” of the year 2013 in Morocco.

Favorite City for Business Travel: London.

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.

Social Media of Choice: Face-to-face interactions wins above all.

Window or Aisle: Without any hesitation I choose the window seat, since I wouldn’t miss seeing the beauty of the world.