Houda Sikaoui

Houda Sikaoui

Hometown: Fes, Morocco.

Education: Master of Journalism.

Role at Djembe Communications: Account director.

Specialties: Journalism, communication, public relations.

Experience: 8 years of journalism TV / Press / Radio.

I’m passionate about PR because: Public relations is one of the main channels through which information and media coverage flow. Having gained exposure to the field of journalism, I am now more aware of the essential role that day-to-day communication plays in improving the quality of disseminated information and its attractiveness to the media. I also find the use of communication, as a tool in enhancing the development of companies, organizations and institutions, fascinating. In particular, the advisory role that aims to empower the client through publicity and development.

Dream Job: Account Director.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: Reading / Writing.

Memorable PR Homerun: None yet.

Favorite City for Business Travel: London.

Twitter or Facebook: Twitter.

Social Media of Choice: Twitter.

Window or Aisle: Window.