João Antonio


Hometown: Luanda, Angola.

Role at Djembe Communications: I am Djembe’s driver in Luanda and I support the office as an Administrative Assistant.

Specialties: Social Sciences and construction management, but I am really a traffic expert. I love to learn and open to new challenges. Djembe is full of new challenges for me.

Experience: I have been a driver for over 8 years now, working as a “candongueiro” or personal driver for different individuals and institutions including the Ministry of Justice. I also worked in construction for six years in the construction industry as a Project Manager managing more than 40 site workers.  The experience I enjoyed the most and the most rewarding is missionary. I worked in the Kuando Kubando province in southeast Angola creating a congregation of over 70 people.

Education: I have studied at the Puniv Institute for 3 years and have a professional grade-12 technical certification in Social Sciences and Construction Techniques.

Best Way to Unwind from Work: Read the Bible and meditate. It helps me to relax and disconnect from the stress of the day. I also enjoy watching football.

Dream Job: Doctor.

Memorable Homerun: To know the truth about God, by reading the bible five times. My marriage was also one of my milestones in life. I have also driven for someone very important the Vice Minister of Communications.

Favorite City for Business Travel: Luanda, no doubt! But I would also love to go to Brooklyn, New York to see a dear friend.

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.

Social Media of Choice: Facebook is my favorite because it is the best way to connect with family and friends and connect with the entire world.

Window or Aisle: Window, I really enjoy seeing the landscapes.