Kevin Nolan


Hometown: Mission Viejo, California.

Education: I earned my undergraduate degree at University of California, San Diego, where I studied Political Science and Music. I later obtained my master’s degree in International Relations from The American University in Cairo.

Role at Djembe Communications: Director, North America.

Specialties: Political and economic development, traditional and social media, communications, government relations, and cultural literacy.

I’m passionate about PR because: Most problems in the world stem from miscommunication. Helping people and organizations communicate more effectively and to tell their story creates better understanding between people.

Dream Job: Any job that allows me to travel, meet people, eat different food, and hear new music.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: Music is a constant in my life. After a long day I love to go out and see live music or relax at home and put some tunes on.

Memorable PR Homerun: Hard to pick just one, but with the caliber of talent on this dynamic team of international communications experts at Djembe I am sure there will be many homeruns to come…

Favorite City for Business Travel: Paris or London to catch up with friends and family, or Jerusalem and Ramallah because those two cities have a special place in my heart.

Twitter or Facebook: Both! But people need to clearly define their own relationship with either platform.

Social Media of Choice: Call me old school, but I’ve always preferred talking.

Window or Aisle: Window, please. I’m usually on my laptop working or trying (but failing) to sleep.