Lucia Shapumba


Hometown: Swakopmundn Namibia.

Education: Bachelor in Cinematographic Art.

Role at Djembe Communications: Production Coordinator.

Specialties: Producer/Director/Writer and a little bit of everything else!

Experience: About 10 years’ experience in the cinema and television production industry. I did some TV programs, documentaries, reality shows in South Africa, Namibia and Angola. In my early professional years, I also had the opportunity to work on some American, British and German productions as an aid to the technical department (I learned a lot)! Four years of experience in the world of marketing.

I’m passionate about PR because: I love creativity and moving! Staying seated in one place is not something I like.

Dream Job: Prophet. It would be good to travel in spirit and talk to God!

Best Way to Unwind from PR: Nature! The jungle would probably be the best place. Fitness! When I work out, somehow I go back to being a singer. I also love to travel.

Memorable PR Homerun: None yet.

Favourite City for Business Travel: The untouched Desert of Africa. I cannot even imagine what kind of a film I could make in place like this.

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook (Fast way to communicate with family and friends).

Social Media of Choice: None.

Window or Aisle: Window! I´m a curious soul! I love exploring!