Mi Thich


Hometown: Monterey, California.

Education: I received a dual-degree in “International Development Work” and “Political Economy of European Affairs” from the University of California at Berkeley.

Role at Djembe Communications: Account Executive in the Zürich office.

Specialties: Administrative and office support, international development research on global social impact, corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Experience: Recently I worked as a legal assistant at an international boutique tax law firm. My other experiences include serving as the first point of contact to resettle incoming refugees with the International Rescue Committee, and I have also worked on cross-disciplinary research projects regarding infrastructural investments in Africa, sustainable agricultural policies, and other areas.

Dream job: Travel Writer.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: Reading, eating, traveling, catching up with friends or family.

Memorable PR Homerun: None yet! Excited to contribute to Djembe’s efforts.

Favorite city for business travel: Any major Swiss city because Switzerland is so central in Europe, the transportation is reliable and easy to use, there’s an international culture, and the scenery is stunning everywhere!

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.

Social media of choice: Facebook, because I can easily be updated with my friends and family.

Window or aisle: Window!