Mireille Ntchagang


Hometown: Paris, France.

Education: Master in Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris, France.

Role at Djembe Communications: Account Executive, Zürich.

Specialties: Corporate communication, social media.

Experience: I worked at both Agence Française de Développement and Publicis Africa in Cameroon, where I managed several institutional and commercial communications projects.

I’m passionate about PR because: PR connects me with people. This connection allows me the opportunity of expressing an idea or message that can contribute to changing mindsets and behavior.

Dream Job: My role at Djembe is the dream one. It would be the icing on the cake if it was in Belgium.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: Listening to music, hanging out with friends, traveling, cooking, playing sport, reading, and immersing oneself in charity initiatives.

Memorable PR Homerun:  I’m aiming for thousands.

Favourite City for Business Travel: Not easy to say as there are so many countries I have not yet visited. As far as the ones I have already visited, I would say Cape Town. Among those I have not yet visited, I would say New York or Shanghai.

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.

Social Media of Choice: Instagram and WhatsApp.

Window or Aisle: It doesn’t matter, as long as I am asleep since I experience airsickness.