Mohammed Rezki


Hometown: Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Education: I received a master’s degree in Telecommunications and Information Technology from the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications in Rabat.

Role at Djembe Communications: Mobile Project Manager.

Specialties: I don’t know everything, but I can do everything.

Experience: I have demonstrated experience in agile software development through analysis of business requirements, developing architecture design and modules, ensuring performance improvement in web and mobile environments ranging from constructing advanced frameworks to applying notions of efficiency, delivering customer training, and providing community management and security of operations.

I’m passionate about PR because: PR brings the most powerful tools to the table in order to address a challenge or solve a problem by connecting people through stories.

Dream Job: Ambassador.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: Spend time with my family.

Memorable PR Homerun: I’m confident it’s coming soon, stay tuned!

Favorite City for Business Travel: It’s any place where I can get connected with different cultures.

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.

Social Media of Choice: Facebook.

Window or Aisle: Window, please! I love to see the big picture.