Olivia Coetzee


Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa.

Education: I completed my senior year at Hottentots Holland High School Boland, Western Cape and studied Business Management at Cambridge University.

Role at Djembe Communications: Office Manager.

Specialties: Human Resources Management, Business Relations Management, Special Events Planning and Coordination.

Experience: I have experience in strategic business communication, human resource & supply management, planning and coordination of events, public affairs, managing processes, developing standards and promoting process improvement.

Dream Job: I love to dance and my life dream is and always will be to be a professional contemporary dancer.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: I enjoy having a braai (barbeque) with family and friends over the weekend, listening to live music, enjoying outdoor activities and supporting the Springboks and Proteas!

Memorable PR Homerun: Not many but I am looking forward to numerous exciting and memorable homeruns with Djembe.

Favorite City for Business Travel: London to catch up with family and the Big Apple, NYC.

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook. I enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends across the globe.

Social Media of Choice: Instagram.

Window or Aisle: Aisle.