Petra Simões


Hometown: I was born in Congo but I’m from Luanda.

Education: I went to school in Switzerland at Glion Institute of Higher Education and studied Business Administration in Event, Sport and Entertainment Management.

Role at Djembe Communications: Senior Account Executive.

Specialties: Event Planning, Special Events Coordination, and Customer Relationship Management.

Experience: I have worked in management consulting, newspaper publishing, public affairs/lobbying, investor relations and M&A transaction consulting.

Dream Job: At the moment I cannot find any other dream job that I would rather be working in than Public Relations.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: By having some calm and refreshing holidays.

Memorable PR Homerun: I do not have a memorable PR homerun yet, however I am sure I will be having plenty of them through Djembe.

Favorite city for business travel: Probably New York.

Twitter or Facebook: Twitter.

What’s your social media of choice: Facebook.

Window or aisle: Window.