Tunu Kibelloh


Hometown: I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but I am from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Education: Master of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy.

Role at Djembe Communications: Account Executive.

Specialties: Brand development, creative arts, strategic communication and brand outreach.

Experience: Business developer and social media manager for two fashion brands.

I’m passionate about PR because: I love being exposed and connected to inspiring individuals.

Dream Job: Lifestyle blogger and business owner in food & fashion.

Best Way to Unwind from PR: Travelling, working-out and food.

Memorable PR Homerun: I believe it’s too early to say, however, with Djembe Communications, the future looks very promising.

Favorite City for Business Travel: Tokyo and Bangkok.

Twitter or Facebook: Facebook.

Social Media of Choice: Instagram.

Window or Aisle: Window, I like to lean on it while I read.